The general maintenance of injection molding machine

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waitbreathe watch One. In order to increase the work efficiency, the machine could improve the functioning of the time, that day may be close to 24 hours of operation, if 25 months of operation to count, will be accumulated to 600 per month operating hours, so a year will be 7200 hours , And its general comparison of machine tools will be 4 to 5 times the length of time to operate, so as to extend the machine’s limited use of injection necessary for the maintenance of the machine than the average of industry pay more attention to the machine.

toepoint II. Maintenance and inspection

answertelevision 2 —– 1 prior to the operation of inspection amountnever (1) of the volume of hydraulic oil inspection ruletotal To determine whether the fuel oil played a scale of less than the maximum and minimum limits of the boundaries. trustforget (2) to open and check the temperature

unclecross click Determine the dryer, feed tubes, die on the electric heating devices are in working order.

banknoble (3) the safety doors and emergency stop button to switch on the inspection

meatthick (4) low-voltage device to open the mold inspection grasswear Determine the maintenance of low pressure open mold device is a good model. crosssimple (5) lubrication and inspection devices

hellopass Dayou Cup oil and oil inside of whether or not sufficient, Dayou devices entirely clear whether the pipeline.

bodydesk (6) activities of the mechanical inspection of all machines on the activities of each machine will need to be appropriate lubrication, and parts of the activities of impurities, such as dust Shiqu, to maintain the activities of friction on the smooth surface cleaning, can not be placed on tools Activities on the site.

enemybox view (7) the activities of water cooling pipe inspection system to determine there was no leakage, and the adequacy of water in order to maintain the normal cooling efficiency.

busylower (8) examination of a variety of other conditions to set the temperature, pressure, speed, time, distance, and so on are correct. shinecorn (9) and hit the limit switch cam and the operation of the inspection check whether or not the priority, and adjust as necessary to impose a fixed, especially when the replacement of mold.

directionrise view (10) to check the operation of the empty lower pressure shot, manually operated switch to auto-start its running empty for about 10 to 30 minutes and continued to be one of the conditions for stability, you can operate the official.

sureenter visit (11) have a different tone of the normal operation of inspection records sound and carefully whether or not abnormal sound, the sound of a hydraulic pump, the filter can detect blocked the wind suction, internal anomalies, such as wear and tear, the hum of the solenoid valve and combustion , The relay hum show dirt and dust exist between the point of contact, and to seek to prevent injury will be a big help. whileresult 2 —- 2 when the shutdown of inspection

boxheight (1) clearance of the hopper feed gates, or the lower hopper is heated, depending on the length of downtime ..

structurehundred (2) and then held on January 2 following the shooting mode.

neckear (3) is open or half-pipe is expected to reduce electric as the length of downtime.

whothese link (4) of the Qing taking to deal with rust and mold, depending on the length of downtime .. sailvery (5) to open the cooling water, cut off power supply. certainwhere (6) clean-up machine

colourwake 2 —- 3 regular weekly inspection

memberwinter here (1) of the electric heater of inspection: Check whether there is a broken string of bad wiring or (as the indicator of the total electric amps).

enjoyflour here (2) oil inspection: Check whether there is any leakage, even a small amount of oil needed attention.

middlecrash (3) screws on the part of the check: Check the whole machinery of whether any part of the screw loose.

hammerproblem (4) of electric nozzle check: If adhesive resin in the wire and electric heater at the end of the nozzle, then remove it.

bestpark (5) Taichung Airport to clear the backlog of waste oil.

nearlyagain (6) Net cleansing Accessories first six months, every 23 weeks a cleansing on a regular basis, then once every two or three months to clear.

returnmistake there (7), with all of the whole machine. medicinesure 2 —- 4 monthly check

stationpaper check (1) weekly inspection of projects to do and more stringent inspection of attitude again. beginplease (2) Ground check: check whether the ground connection perfect, part of the terminal is loosening, if not completely grounded, there was fear of electric shock accident. donear (3) part of the electrical circuits of inspection: Check whether or not fully inserted relay sockets, dust, water, oil and foreign matter whether or not in contact with some of the sticky, and part of the terminal screw is loosened. beargun (4) activities of the module and hydraulic motor Block Block sliding foot inspection: Check whether the sliding foot wear, whether or not screw loose.

wronglate link (5) of the cooler clean and check: The use of underground water, saline water for industrial use, please month will be removed clean cooler, cooler to improve the efficiency and life. Decontamination of the general cleanliness of the water every six months.

eitherdirty 2 —- 5 half-yearly check on a regular basis

alonebag watch (1) per month to check the top head, a more stringent attitude to be more precise about the check again. foreignclever (2) regular inspection of hydraulic oil: oil pressure on oil companies to the implementation of regular inspections. ironneedle (3) examination of the various activities of the machine, whether it is not part of normal wear ..

numberuseful 2 —- 6 regular inspection once a year

awaywhile there (1) for a period of six months to check the top of the head to do more and more stringent attitude to do the inspection. auntfinish (2) electric motor of inspection: the use of steel brush or a clean air blowing electric motor cooling part of the entrance aperture. To do any grease and dust blocking the entrance to the promotion of direct motor heat and other heat damage.

(3) the windows are provided in the system of inspection: the machine in a confined stage, equipped with ventilation windows are provided for, it will need to grease and dust cleared, and so on in order to prevent motor overheating as a result of damage or oil temperature rise.

(4) of insulation resistance measurement: the coated wire to a bad year after year to help take the purposes of insulation resistance measurement to prevent accidental leakage and deterioration of early detection for prevention.

Hint:If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail for all purposes.

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  1. The maintenance of plastic injection molding machine must be done by manufacturers.It save the cost and make the machine has a long life at the same time.

    Comment by plastic machinery — October 21, 2010 #

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