Plastic bags with identification of toxic hazards?

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Many farmers markets, supermarkets are in a plastic bag loaded with food, in fact, there are a lot of toxic plastic bags, especially the colorful plastic color, which is in itself contains a lot of toxins. Because the color of renewable plastic bags belonging to the use of coloring agents usually contain benzo topiramate, is a highly carcinogenic substance, and access to food, could be transferred to the food, people with chronic poisoning. In addition, the latest research shows that plastic products is also a plasticizer carcinogen, and the regeneration process as simple and plastics and other reasons, its plasticizer with food, especially oily food more easily contact effusion.

“People used to use ‘drug bags’, is both a victim of a carcinogen, unwittingly acting as a disseminator of the carcinogen.” Tongji University School of Medicine professor of environmental medicine Shu-Guang Li cautioned that a number of shops as soon as possible with thin The thin, with a sharp smell of renewable plastic bags loaded food like deep-fried dough sticks, carcinogenic substances leaking faster and more dangerous.

In that case, how to identify whether a plastic bag so toxic?

Sensory test: non-toxic plastic bags were white, translucent or colorless and transparent, hand-lubricating sense of touch from time to time. The toxic plastic colors were turbid, or yellow, tacky feel.

Water test: a plastic bag placed in the water, and into the bottom, non-toxic plastic surface can be toxic to sink a plastic bag.

Jitter test: a plastic bag with their hands to seize the end of the shaking force, sent to drug-free clear voice, the voice of those stuffy Shibuya toxic.

Fire detection: non-toxic flammable polyethylene plastic, blue flame, burning like a candle drip like tears, paraffin smell. Toxic PVC plastic is not flammable, which put out the fire away from the issue of irritating odor.

Hint:If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail for all purposes.

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