Masterbatch of production technology

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Color masterbatch with the requirements

Masterbatch pigment used, it should be noted pigment and plastic raw materials, with the relationship between the agent, the main points of their choice, as described below.

(1) of the pigment and resin and can not react to a variety of additives, strong solvent, the migration of small, good heat tolerance and so on. In other words, the masterbatch can not participate in a variety of chemical reactions. Such as carbon black can be controlled by the curing reaction of polyester plastics, polyester so you can not add carbon black pigment.

As the plastic forming a high temperature, the pigment forming in the heating temperature does not break down color. Inorganic pigments generally good heat resistance, organic pigments and dyes less heat resistance, which should be in the selection of varieties of pigment caused enough attention.

(2) of the pigment dispersed, force should be good coloring. Uneven pigment dispersion, the products will affect the appearance of performance; coloring pigment force poor, would increase the amount of pigment, raising the cost of materials. At the same pigment dispersed in various resin and coloring power is not the same, so they should pay attention to the selection of pigment.

The pigment particle size and dispersion relations have, the smaller the particle size pigment, dispersion, the better, the coloring is also strong.

(3) should be aware of the other properties of pigment, such as for use in food, children’s toys on the side of the plastic products, the requirements should be non-toxic pigment; for the electrical side of the plastic products, electrical insulation should choose a good color; Respect for outdoor plastic products, to choose an aging weather-resistant properties of pigment, and so good.

2. Masterbatch production process

Masterbatch production process is very strict requirements, generally wet process. Masterbatch by the water with abrasive material, phase change, washing, drying, granulation formed, is the only way the quality of products can be guaranteed.

In addition to deal with paint in the ground at the same time, but also to carry out a series of testing, such as the determination of the small size sanding, sanding determination of the proliferation of serous performance, sanding determination of the size of solid content as well as the determination of color, such as fineness of the project.

Masterbatch production process is expected in four ways:

(1) ink method: As the name suggests, is in the ink adoption of masterbatch production Colorants production methods, that is, through the three-roll grinding, in the paint coating on the surface layer of low-molecular-weight protective coating. After the fine grinding paste and another carrier resin mixture, then roll plastic Xiaolian II aircraft (also known as twin-roll machine open chain), plastics, the last single screw or twin-screw extruder for granulation.

The process is as follows:
Stir ingredients coarse paste three-roll grinding paste two small plastic roller chain out of grain
(2) Irrigation: paint, water and dispersant through sanding, so that the pigment particles of less than 1μm, and through the phase-transfer law, so that the pigments into the oil phase, and then drying system was masterbatch. When compared to the need to use organic solvents, as well as the appropriate solvent recovery unit. Its flow chart is as follows:
Fine color wash evaporation Nongsu Liao joined the carrier out of dry granulation

(3) legal pinch: The paint is oil-based carrier and mixing, the use of the color characteristics of the oil by make Kneading paint from the wash water into the oil phase. At the same time, the carrier will be oily paint coating on the surface, so that the pigment dispersion stability and cohesion to prevent the paint.

(4) metal soap method: After paint is the size after grinding to reach around 1μm, and to a certain temperature by adding liquid soap, paint particles on the surface of each layer evenly by the wetting liquid soap dispensers to form a layer of liquid saponification, After adding salt solution and in the paint layer on the surface of the saponification reaction and generate a layer of protective coating of metal soap (magnesium stearate), so that so that the ground after the pigment particles will not give rise to the phenomenon of flocculation, and a certain degree of protection Fineness.

3. Masterbatch use Notes

(1) masterbatch stored for a period of time after moisture absorption, in particular, PET, ABS, PA, PC, and so on, the color tablets according to the same drying process and achieve the requirements of water.
(2) with color masterbatch together to achieve the required color must be very careful, and often occurs light and color.
(3) and other additives masterbatch reaction will be, used to pay attention.
(4) than the dilution of the masterbatch selection should be noted. Selection of high dilution ratio, the lower the cost of production, but also by the processing equipment.

Hint:If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail for all purposes.

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