Injection molding machine downtime Notes

October 9, 2008 on 6:11 pm | In Tech | 1 Comment

If the suspension of operation of the injection molding machine, we will have to be repeated more than Qing spray plastic or plastic injection molding machine through the clean-up material shot cylinder or the remainder of the plastic barrel. Plastic case of fading, the spray is necessary to increase the number of clearance. To carry out minor repairs when; shot of the heater tank is expected to adjust to the lowest level, for example, 150 ℃, so as to minimize the possibility of thermal decomposition.

Thermal stability of the plastic injection molding (such as PS or PE), such as pre-shutdown one night only on the closure of the skateboard at the bottom of the hopper and tank heater, radio material (only open shot of the heater Tsui), radio is expected to spray tank Clean-ching. Tsui shot entirely clean, the barrel as far as possible a high degree of cooling, injection molding machine to be cooling after the closure of all equipment. Injection molding machine will be fully ready once again heating.

If the material shot cylinder barrel or higher temperatures, only the above-mentioned steps will be slightly altered to prevent heat resin decomposition. For example, the closure of radio material tank heater (the only open shot Tsui heater), or a high degree of cooling barrel as far as possible, continuously spray during the clearance of the remaining resin. Hopper shut down at the bottom of the slide, try spray-money bowl with rubber ramps, if smoke-free plastic, the device can be shut down for the next use.

If the plastic injection molding machines in the break down or burn, and there will be change, so that the finished products become waste. Under such circumstances, it would have to completely close the injection molding machine, spraying clean-ching. Prevention is a high thermal stability of the plastic spray-money event of heat-sensitive resin, which then can withstand the heat.

Some plastic (such as POM, PVC) is very easy to break down, if the injection of a sudden on the way down, then continue in the injection before the open shot Tsui heater only when there are plastic shot down Tsui, can be expected to start shooting tank heater. Liu shot cylinder or barrel temperature to be about 140 ℃. And then the temperature raised to the temperature of processing and clearance of the remaining plastic spray as soon as possible. After the spray-ching Add cold water to be plastic. To change the other plastic, the best choice of PS or PE natural, non-grade fire as a spray-money agent; spray-money if the total surplus is expected, the cut would be hasty POM mixed PVC, or mixed one after another.

Downtime or switch to another kind of plastic, to check clearly the steps taken are correct. Materials supplier has published contains sufficient information booklet, before the operation should be carefully read and understand each type of plastic to be “standard step down.” Booklet should be in place next to the injection molding machine for the operators to access at any time.

Hint:If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail for all purposes.

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  1. Hopper shut down at the bottom of the slide, try spray-money bowl with rubber ramps, if smoke-free plastic, the device can be shut down for the next use.

    Comment by hydraulic cylinder — October 22, 2010 #

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