Color Masterbatch commonly used classification are the following

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waitbreathe The full name is called masterbatch color masterbatch, also known as species, is a new polymer-specific coloring agent, which consists of pigments or dyes, carriers and additives, composed of three basic elements, is the extraordinary amount of pigment or dye evenly being attached to the resin contained in the resulting aggregate can be seen as pigment concentrates, his coloring was higher than paint itself. Masterbatch is mainly used in the plastic. To achieve in the plastic or rubber products, to achieve the desired color effect.
Color Masterbatch commonly used classification are the following:
Sort by carriers: such as PE masterbatch, PP Masterbatch, ABS Masterbatch, PVC Color Masterbatch, EVA masterbatch, etc.
By Type: injection Masterbatch, Color Masterbatch blowing, spinning, etc. Color Masterbatch
All varieties can be divided into different grades, such as:
1. Senior injection Masterbatch: for cosmetics packaging, toys, electrical enclosures, and other advanced products.
2. Normal injection Masterbatch: for general household plastic products, industrial containers.
3. Senior blown film Masterbatch: for ultra-thin products, blow molding coloring.
4. General blowing masterbatch: for general packaging bags, woven bags, blow molding coloring.
5. Spinning Masterbatches: for the textile fiber spinning colored pigments fine particles, high concentration, strong coloring, heat, light and good.
6. Low Color Masterbatch: do not ask for the manufacture of color quality, low-level products, such as trash, low-level containers.
7, dedicated Masterbatch: is based on user-specified for the products, plastic variety, use the same plastic as a carrier created by the masterbatch. Such as PP Masterbatch, ABS Masterbatch were selected PP, ABS as a carrier.
8, Universal Masterbatch: also use a resin (usually the low melting point of PE) as a carrier, but it can be applied in addition to its carrier resin other than the resin coloring. Universal masterbatch is relatively simple, but the disadvantage more, the user selection of specific masterbatch. The general level of special heat-resistant masterbatch is suitable for plastic products, in normal temperature, safe to use. Only in the following cases can cause varying degrees of color, first, the temperature outside the normal range, one down too long.
Why Color Masterbatch without toner?
1. In many cases, the plastic products manufacturers in the use of toner used when the paint color is not the most economical, but not familiar with because of the pigments, the color when the trial, resulting in waste of manpower and materials is very common. This problem does not exist using the masterbatch.
2. Using masterbatch coloring products and products with a dye whose coloring is completely different level, its price also higher than some, higher prices are often higher than the increase in the cost of using the masterbatch, the color Instead, the mother can create "profit." From this perspective, in some cases, the use of color masterbatch color toner to be more than the use of "economic."

Pigment vs Color Masterbatch Which Is Better

September 27, 2010 on 2:34 pm | In Tech | No Comments toepoint The essential difference between pigment and color Masterbatch is: color masterbatch is pre-dispersed pigments in products. Color Masterbatch advantage is due in advance to do a good pre-dispersed, so very convenient to use, added directly, no need to do this step the dispersion. But the drawback is that overall costs masterbatch is relatively high.

answertelevision The pigment has the advantage of relatively low overall costs, but requires the use of pigmentof the technical staff of the dispersion of pigment have good technical knowledge, or duplication of efforts, in addition to dust pollution. Personally, I think: If the factory funded, there are certain technical team can use the pigment completely, the costs can be reduced.

amountnever there If the relatively small size of the factory, I still recommend buying more convenient color masterbatch, color matching technology are scattered, and let other people do, to be his last as long as the molding on it.

Chemical composition of plastic Color Masterbatch composition

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1. Pigments or dyes

ruletotal watch   Pigments are divided into organic pigments and inorganic pigments
  Commonly used organic pigments are: phthalocyanine red, phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green, light red, red molecules, macromolecules yellow, Permanent Yellow, Violet, azo red. Inorganic pigments commonly used are: cadmium red, cadmium yellow, titanium dioxide, carbon black, iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, etc.

2. Carrier

trustforget see   Is the matrix of masterbatch. Selection and products exclusive resin masterbatch generally the same resin as carrier, the compatibility of the two best, but we must consider the carrier mobility.

3. Dispersant unclecross   Make pigment evenly dispersed and no longer rally, the melting point of dispersing agent should be lower than the resin, the resin has good compatibility, and pigments have good affinity. The most commonly used dispersants are: low molecular weight polyethylene wax, stearic acid salt.

4. Additives

banknoble   Such as flame, brightening, anti-bacterial, anti-static, anti-oxidation and other species, unless the customer requests, generally do not contain the additive masterbatch.

meatthick click The company has professional technical staff, according to the manufacturer’s requirements for different product colors timely and accurate preparation of the customers need a variety of high-quality mixed-dye, and a variety of high-end customers to meet the required colored plastic products, particularly prone to problems of the current PC, PA, PET, PVC, TPR, PP, PE and other plastic products is a unique coloring techniques.

grasswear there They can also set up specifically for the customers private files, improve customer competitiveness of their products to meet customer demand for high-end color.

Masterbatch of the PANTONE color card

April 21, 2010 on 11:05 am | In Tech | No Comments crosssimple Say to the color will have to mention PANTONE standard, in image processing software Photoshop and Illustrator all embedded in the PANTONE color. At the same time, a lot of special color proofing software use of digital library is PANTONE color standard.
PANTONE MATCHING PANTONE color MATCHING SYSTEM (SYSTEM) is the covers, plastic, textile printing, drawing, digital technology fields such as colour, it will be color communication SYSTEM in digital language of the unified description of the development, has become the international language, the standard color for the packaging and printing ink industry enterprises and provides a quick and convenient color scheme and color standard.

hellopass Use standard benefits. PANTONE bodydesk (1) color and simple expression.
Anywhere in the world, as long as the customer designated one PANTONE color Numbers, we just check the corresponding PANTONE card, you can find the necessary color sample plate, making the color according to customer’s requirement.

enemybox (2) to ensure consistent every hue of printing.
Whether in the same in different times, or print the same color printing, can maintain consistent, not partial color. busylower (3) option.
Over 1,000 color, can let stylist has enough choose leeway. In fact, stylist is usually used in digital printing of color only a fraction of the PANTONE card. Digital publication shinecorn (4) color printing and save yourself without color troubles.

directionrise there (5), pure, bright hue, saturation.
PANTONE color matching colors, all of the system in New Jersey ShiDa Carl (Carlstadt) PANTONE headquarters uniformly printed up factory, it can guarantee the PANTONE color world issue completely consistent sample. But, due to its peculiarity and complexity of cutting, haven’t heard anyone generic or fake. After nearly 40 years of development, the company’s products are widely applied PANTONE world, say, who need to communicate, the local color matching system in use PANTONE color. PANTONE color ink, so in international trade matching system is an important tool.

sureenter watch PANTONE color formulation guidelines
PANTONE card standard the glazed printing paper/paper (PANTONE coated guide uncoated) is the PANTONE color /, is the most commonly used, the largest circulation of PANTONE products. Through the interpretation of 2004 edition color to use formula guide only specials card user PANTONE provides some references. whileresult The PANTONE color swatches of signs of color, all 1114 colors are the only Numbers and tail, with printing paper in the below the color, for example, to every part of the card for specific instructions. boxheight 1 PANTONE color (PANTONE Colors Basic Basic),
This section includes a PANTONE color packing 14, the basic overview of the basic color is pure 14 with a single color ink, paint (or pigment) according to the higher percentage content, high purity color, density and color is the color of the deployment of other ink. other

structurehundred there 2 PANTONE Colors Process PANTONE color (4),
This section lists the PANTONE four-color CMYK. PANTONE four-color system is introduced based on the PANTONE color standard system, CMYK color according to CMYK color 3000 mark the ratio.

neckear 3 PANTONE color Hexachrome PANTONE (6),
It is with high fidelity Color (for Hi – Fi Color) and design of the system of intellectual property, by CMYK Color to join the Color green and orange Color of 6 kinds of Color, can reach 90% PANTONE Color matching, ever need many Color to achieve the effect with 6 kinds of Color, now the combination. High fidelity six color is a comprehensive system, and can cooperate with popular software and proofs systems use, can create unprecedented EFI broad color.

whothese 4 PANTONE color
This part of the color is the most commonly used PANTONE color, the color bright and clean. Most companies mark color can be found in this section. Here is a list of the color of a explanation, as shown in figure 1. Adobe sailvery Figure 1 PANTONE color ink

certainwhere Can use CMYK dieyin way of simulated the colour. This part of the most special color can get from CMYK simulation.

colourwake 5 PANTONE gray and dark tonal series
This part of the color is light color of color. Most of the color can be obtained by CMYK simulation.

memberwinter 6 PANTONE color attune series
This section is to show the effect of the soft color series of color. About 85 percent of the color can be obtained by CMYK simulation.
7. Designer USES color
This part of the color reflects the designer of the color of the requirements, and the development trend of the color and color of the family. Nearly 80% of the color from CMYK simulation.

enjoyflour view 8. Lubricious fluorescence and metal
Here, including 14 lubricious fluorescence and 14 kinds of metal. All the colors are not through CMYK simulated, it is imagined.

middlecrash 2004 version of the color is printed on the glazed printing paper recipe guidelines on the PANTONE color, each part of specially colored and printed on paper in the same sequence of sexy. Here a variable data printing, PANTONE 256 C and PANTONE 256 U said the same kind of special color, which is the only 256 PANTONE. PANTONE 256 C says the PANTONE 256 printed on paper, the effect of the dual standards should be its smooth coated paper (the) color card, and guide the PANTONE PANTONE 256 U said in the glazed printing paper or special 256 paper effect, it is the corresponding standard should be the glazed printing paper (uncoated) of the color card guidelines. Paperback wireless gum line ZhuangJiLiang survey
The color of color may guide the digital printing or color fading, in order to ensure accurate color, the color change this year best guide. General PANTONE specially colored CARDS are in the old in sales of new business. The latest version of the PANTONE card is the 2005 version of the standard of paper – the glazed printing paper packing. hammerproblem The new version card printing paper brighter than the previous version, so the color of white, more than in 2004 version of slants cold, especially the color piece part is more apparent. Using fission binding, can buy objectively make customers can purchase one.

bestpark visit As early as in 40 years ago, some people organization/organization printing ink was aware of the importance of unified colour, creating the PANTONE color printing company specialized in the research of the standard. So far has been expanded to textiles, plastic, and many other areas, especially in the printing field has been around the world standard PANTONE printed by the designers and widely used. General abroad do print is used as the PANTONE color standard, thus ensuring the print colour of identity. In China are also increasingly popular and use.

On Several key issues Black Masterbatches

September 23, 2009 on 9:55 am | In Tech | No Comments nearlyagain Black masterbatch quality of the decision on the following factors: the dispersion degree, covering power, rheology, compatibility, stability, color intensity.

A higher degree of dispersion

returnmistake visit Black Masterbatch for the use of carbon black production. Health and carbon black is a very tricky and dirty mixture, which is filled with dust, light weight, was fluffy-like. Unless the use of large-scale treatment measures, otherwise it will smear machines and workers, so that the working environment has become dirty. Because of this, casting resin, generally choose a carrier, which is a black masterbatch to complete the pre-dispersion of carbon black. The resin carrier is clean, free-flowing and easy to use. In addition, the carbon black apart from the dirty, there is a feature that is difficult to dispersion. If the injection molding directly to the health of carbon black, when melted, rendering the outcome will be very poor. There is no dispersion of carbon black stripes and spots, if leaning against the colored regions where less will be marked next to appear. The standard injection molding machine is not an effective carbon black dispersion of Health.

medicinesure Carbon black dispersion of the performance of this difficult plagued masterbatch manufacturer. Use single or double screw extruder production of high-load black masterbatch dispersion of very poor. When the end-users of these black master batch mixing or die casting, its performance is only marginally better than the carbon black, but the effect was equally unsatisfactory. In order to achieve a stable and high dispersion, it is essential to use a high level of shear Ta River sealing machine to mixed carbon black, such as the FCM or BANBURY mixture. With sufficient strength, these mixers can make carbon black and basic resin completely mixed together. The use of carbon black type also affects the dispersion of. The smaller the particles of carbon black dispersion on the more difficult. stationpaper The application of a thin wax is the most emphasis on dispersion of requirements. Poor masterbatch dispersion from the corner of the end product can be easily seen by the naked eye. In addition to the lack of beauty, the film where the poor dispersion of carbon black significantly reduces the wind of the performance of black films. A good dispersion of small particles are the main features of industrial fibers, these fibers used for rope, yarn, carpets, and other industries. Large machines with more than 5,000 meters per minute rate of 30,000 shares at the same time to produce fine fibers. If the masterbatch dispersion bad, we would be cutting the fiber, resulting in production downtime.

Covering force stronger

beginplease Decide the quality of black masterbatch The second factor is the covering force, for the use of waste or recycled polymer masterbatch, this factor is particularly important, in these circumstances, the black, is meant to cover the waste in the other color. The shading power of large particle carbon black poor and difficult to cover all the other colors in the lower result, received only a departure from the final product color. In the melting process, the correct first choice with high shading ability of carbon black to cover the capacity of the existing color coverage of the so-called power.

Better mobility donear Decide the quality of black masterbatch A third factor is the rheology and mobility. If a masterbatch itself has a good dispersion, but it will not flow into the material to be molded, it is not produced satisfactory results. In general, the grounding for the production of masterbatch resin has a high flow variability. In order to save costs, a number of masterbatch production of commercial re-use of materials, waste or recycled materials as the resin carrier. The flow of such a masterbatch production of the performance will be significantly reduced, if the rheology is not good, mold cycle time and the appearance of trade unions in handling trouble. It is noteworthy that, if the dispersion and rheological behavior is not high, and some end-users will be by increasing the dilution ratio to compensate, but this will only increase the cost of the use of masterbatch. With minimum dilution ratio of the masterbatch can be produced uniform, a good black dispersion.

Compatibility bigger

beargun Compatibility black masterbatch quality of the decision of the fourth factor. If the masterbatch is to use the chips or recycled materials produced, then it may contain contaminants or other non-melting polymer. This will cause some unpredictable and difficult to bound the trouble of wasting time to the final consumer and raw materials. At this time, you can use to produce high-quality rendering resin masterbatch, masterbatch in the melting process have good compatibility. High-quality masterbatch can be used LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, SAN, PA, and other materials to produce. If you have indicated engineering-level and rigorous physical properties, then a special polymer masterbatch could be obtained. Several large international masterbatch producers, are conducting research in an attempt to produce a so-called “global access” masterbatch. The masterbatch can be broad-based and other raw materials capacity, good rheology, can be applied flexibly.

Stability to be consistent with

wronglate In today’s globalized economy, international customers of the masterbatch quality, raw materials that require high performance and stability is absolutely necessary, and this is also the decision of the quality of black master batch fifth factor. The stability of a major manifestation is the proportion of stable carbon black. If the percentage of carbon black fluctuations, then the required amount of molten masterbatch is not the same, to produce products that can not be the same color. Ultimately reflected in a number of producers: the dilution of their requirements are usually more than 5-8% difference, depending on the time of manufacture masterbatch manufacturers put the amount of material. Clearly this is unacceptable. Of course, other factors such as liquidity into the melt and the dispersion of the investment should Charging Capacity of each batch is consistent.

Intensity should be clear eitherdirty Decide the quality of black master batch A final factor is the color intensity. Market, there are various types of carbon black masterbatch can be used for coloring, but the various types of colors and prices are also very different. Large particles than small particles of carbon black carbon black has a lower degree and a different background color. Large granular masterbatch for film production, such as garbage bags, but not for the production of those who pay attention to aesthetic products, such as TV signboards or in need of anti-ultraviolet film or topical areas such as agricultural pipe. For these products, only the use of higher-priced small particles of carbon black. In addition, the low transparency is also a characteristic of small particles of carbon black.

General Classification and application of carbon black alonebag SRF carbon black is generally used that do not require strong coloring power, high coverage or to UV protection, garbage bags production. Colors tend to gray blue, cheap and relatively easy to dispersion, so those who had only equipped with single or double screw extruder of the masterbatch small firms would choose such a carbon black. HAF carbon black particles in the size of half of SRF carbon black particles, but the coloring strength is its two-fold. Brownish-red, its UV protection was stronger than carbon black SRF, and cost less than the P carbon black. It has good coverage ability, can be applied in many ways. P carbon black for UV applications as well as the food industry, was red and blue. JET carbon black has the most satisfactory color shadows, dark, and shiny black. It is the smallest particles, but it is not easy in the dispersion. Only those with a high shear mixer using the JET carbon black manufacturers to obtain the same degree of dispersion. It is also the most expensive ordinary carbon black. Cost comparison shows that more expensive than the cheapest masterbatch masterbatch can be produced economically get better results.

What is the Color Masterbatches?

August 21, 2009 on 4:52 pm | In Tech | 2 Comments foreignclever Color Masterbatches (Color Master Batch) is a new type of polymer materials dedicated colorants, pigments, also known as preparation of materials (Pigment Preparation).

ironneedle It consists of pigments or dyes, and additives vector composed of three basic elements, is the extraordinary amount of pigment or dye evenly attached to the resin contained in the aggregate have been, can be said to concentrate pigment (Pigment Concentration), so shading power than his own pigments. numberuseful
Color Masterbatches is a kind of simple, said the extraordinary amount of pigment or dye evenly attached to the resin contained in the aggregates obtained.

awaywhile Second, the masterbatches What are the basic ingredients? auntfinish Color Masterbatches for the basic ingredients:

1. Pigment or dye

orderpolice Pigments are divided into organic pigments and inorganic pigments.

queendangerous go Commonly used organic pigments are: phthalocyanine red, phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green, light red, red macromolecules, macromolecular yellow, yellow Everlasting, Everlasting, purple, red and other azo.

Inorganic pigments commonly used are: cadmium red, cadmium yellow, titanium dioxide, carbon black, iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, etc.

2. Vector

Is the matrix of the Masterbatches. Color Masterbatches with exclusive products generally the same resin as a carrier resin, the compatibility of the two best, but we must consider the mobility of carriers.

3. Dispersant

To paint and are no longer distributed evenly cohesion, the melting point of dispersing agent should be lower than the resin, and resin has good compatibility, and paint a better affinity. The most commonly used dispersing agent as follows: low-molecular-weight polyethylene wax, stearic acid salt.

4. Additives

Such as flame-retardant, Zengliang, antibacterial, anti-static, anti-oxidation, such as species, unless the customer requests, generally do not contain the above-mentioned masterbatches additives.

Third, Color Masterbatches what species and grade points?

Color Masterbatches commonly used classifications are as follows:

Classification by Vector: If PE Masterbatches, PP Color Masterbatches, ABS Color Masterbatches, PVC Color Masterbatches, EVA Masterbatches, etc.

By end-use categories: Color Masterbatches, such as injection, blow molding Color Masterbatches, Color Masterbatches, such as spinning

All varieties can be divided into different grades, such as:

1. High injection Color Masterbatches:

Packaging for cosmetics, toys, electrical appliances and other senior products shell.

2. Ordinary injection Color Masterbatches:

For general daily use plastic products, such as industrial containers.

3. High Blown Color Masterbatches:

Blow for the ultra-thin coloring products.

4. General Film Color Masterbatches:

For general packaging bags, woven bags of blow molding coloring.

5. Spinning Color Masterbatches:

Coloring fiber for the textile spinning, Color Masterbatches fine pigment particles, at high concentrations, coloring power, heat, good light-fastness.

6. Low-level Color Masterbatches:

Used in the manufacture of color do not ask for much of the lower quality products, such as trash, such as low-grade container.

7. a dedicated Color Masterbatches:

Is based on user-specified products for the plastic variety, choose the same plastic as the carrier of the masterbatch produced. Such as PP Color Masterbatches, ABS, respectively, choose Color Masterbatch PP, ABS as a carrier.

Universal Masterbatches: also used some kind of resin (often low-melting-point of the PE) as a vector, but it can be used in addition to its carrier resin other than the coloring resin.

8. Universal masterbatch

Universal masterbatch is relatively simple and convenient, but many shortcomings, the proposed user selection of exclusive Color Masterbatches.

Color Masterbatches special heat-resistant grades are generally used for products suited to the plastic, under normal temperature, can be assured that use. Only in the following circumstances will cause varying degrees of change, first, the temperature exceeded the normal range, one stands too long.

9. Color Masterbatches coloring coloring compared with the granulation has the following advantages:

1). Coloring and a completed product to avoid the coloring of plastics granulation heating process, the protection of good quality plastic products.

2). To make plastic products to simplify the production process the most.

3). Can save a lot of power

Comparison of pearly-lustre masterbatch with pearly-lustre powder

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1. Dispersibility good
Pearl is a pearl powder masterbatch of the additive with a particular special processing and aggregation obtained. Preparation of masterbatch in the process of pearl, pearl powder has been a good pre-dispersed, and thus put an end to plastic in the coloring of the emergence of inequality; At the same time, Pearlescent masterbatch and plastic particles evenly between easy mixing, the use of pearl masterbatch coloring, the color of plastic products also better uniformity.

2. Easy to use
Pearlescent color masterbatch as a result of plastic particles with a mixture of performance, and can be used ordinary mixing equipment commonly used, as well as artificial methods of mixing to the mixed, application is very convenient.

3. Contribute to the reduction of chromatic aberration
Pearlescent color masterbatch, in addition to pearl powder, it also contains a carrier and other additives, so the flat plastic masterbatch added to the amount of pearl powder pearl dosage than more, smaller relative error of measurement to help reduce the error when rendering.

4. Good working conditions
Pearlescent color masterbatch using shading, pearl powder and other additives and carriers have been combined and made into granular, measuring and mixing in the processing will not be filled, it will not pollute the environment.

Adhesive composition

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1、adhesives: adhesives, also known as, adhesives, surface treatment will be two or more of the adhesive material securely connected together, and have a certain mechanical strength and chemical properties. For example, epoxy resin, a copper oxide phosphate, such as white latex.

2、solid material (base material): Glue joints decide the main physical and chemical mechanical properties. For example, such as epoxy resin and phenolic resin.

3、curing agent:

a) solidification: liquid adhesive through the physical and chemical methods into the process of solids. Essential physical methods have dissolved, emulsion cohesion melt cooling; chemical method to make polymer adhesive material into a polymer.

b) curing agent: curing process of the chemical substances used.

4、curing promoters: to promote the curing reaction rate, shorten the reaction time of chemical substances, also known as a catalyst.

5、flexibilizer: curing adhesive material can improve the toughness, the main compounds are esters and flexibility.

6、packing: to improve the mechanical strength of joints.

7、other auxiliary materials: coloring agents, solvents (thinner), and coupling agent, such as antioxidant.

Difference between:Toner, Color Masterbatch and pelleting

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I. Toner

Toner advantages:

1, cheap, cost-effective.

2, proofing time is short, fast production can be completed quickly to the color.

3, easy to transport.

4, a small amount for a variety of products.

Toner shortcomings:

1, when the pollution Toner stirring, stirring barrels difficult to clean.

2, different materials, different brand or lot number and different operating conditions, machine, mold different operating temperature differences in different ways, both will have a color.

3, dispersed poor.

Second, the Color Masterbatch

Color Masterbatch advantages:

1, more stable color.

2, will not pollute the environment.

3, at an affordable price, low inventory.

4, better dispersion.

5, for the central feeding system for long-term orders.

Color Masterbatch shortcomings:

1, there must be a certain amount of each batch of production volume production for at least 100 kg.

2, to be distributed evenly to prevent electricity or produce color.

Third, Pelleting

Pelleting of advantages:

1, color stability, the elimination of impurities in raw materials black spots.

2, simple, automated production no longer mixing materials, production capacity.

3, do not pollute the environment.

Pelleting of shortcomings:

1, Color Masterbatch cost, high-color dye.

2, in the process of pumping grain, raw materials and reduce the possibility.

3, a larger inventory, transportation costs are high.

PVC heat stabilizers mechanism

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Where the polymer to improve the heat stability for the purpose of adding additives can be referred to as heat stabilizers. In addition to the small amount of heat stabilizer used in rubber processing and other resin, mainly used for thermal stability of a very prominent problem of PVC processing. As a result, often has said the heat stabilizer refers specifically to the use of PVC and PVC copolymer of heat stabilizers.

The thermal degradation of PVC in the process, almost no single, but generated a lot of HCl. PVC thermal degradation mechanism is very complicated, and similarly, heat stabilizer mechanism is very complex. At present, comprehensive research, the role of heat stabilizer can be summarized in the prevention of type (and HCl, to replace the instability of the Cl atom and the prevention of auto-oxidation) and type remedies (PVC and non-saturated parts of the response, the destruction of carbon ions are) two Species.

As follows:

1. Absorption and HCl, inhibiting its catalytic effect automatically. Stabilizer, including such categories lead salt, soap-type metal organic acids, organic compounds, epoxy compounds, amines, alcohols metal salt and salt-and metal salts, such as mercaptan. They can react with HCl, the suppression of HCl from PVC response.

2. PVC replacement elements of instability in the allyl chloride or t-carbon atom of chlorine atoms, the suppression from PVC. Organotin stabilizers such as PVC and chlorine elements of instability occurred in the original coordination, in the ligand, organic tin and instability in the replacement of chlorine atoms.

3. Polyene structure and the addition reaction, the destruction of large conjugate system formation, to reduce the shading. Unsaturated fatty acid contains a double bond salt or ester, with the PVC molecules conjugated diene double bond addition reaction took place in order to break the yoke of its structure, color suppression.

4. Capturing free radicals to prevent oxidation. If the accession to the phenolic heat stabilizers to block off HCl, is due to give the H-atom to free radicals and free radical molecules degradation of the PVC coupling, can not be formed with the O2 respond to the material, and has a stabilizing effect on the heat. This heat stabilizer may have one or both of several roles.

The ideal of PVC heat stabilizers should be a multi-function material, or some mixture of materials, they can achieve the following:

1. Lively exchange, the instability of the substituents, such as t-Cl connected to the Cl atom or allyl chloride, to form a stable structure;

2. Absorption and processing of PVC and in the process of release of HCl, the elimination of HCl automatic catalytic degradation;

3. Or passive and act as a catalyst for the degradation of the metal ions and other harmful impurities;

4. Through various forms of the chemical reaction can be blocked unsaturated key to the growth inhibiting degradation of coloring;

5. There is the best protection against ultraviolet shielding effects.

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