PPR Masterbatch

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seng som traktor here PPR masterbatch is one of my company introduced species, which have the following technical characteristics.

http://carelessbranch.live terroriste anis amri PPR
1, non-toxic
2, high temperature (220 ℃ high temperature for 5 minutes or more does not fade)
3, smaller melt index, the higher molecular weight.
4, the higher the intrinsic viscosity.
5, heat stabilizers. UV WP agent. (200 ℃ oxidation induction time> 60min, UV absorption coefficient ≥ 400)
Thus the formation of the following characteristics:
1, high temperature,
2, no bleeding.
3, the PPR for the matrix material for almost does not affect the physics of the original PPR pipe performance.
4, meet the health requirements, the use of masterbatch in the pipe line with GB/T17219-98 standards.
5, little or no adsorption of the adsorption of chloroform.
6, an outstanding price. Prices much lower than similar imported products, while the performance is very close to or equivalent.
Note: (PPR grade masterbatch Features)
① high concentration, full color, metal sense.
② processing performance, long-term process without removal of material, pipe surface without removal of material, pipe surface without smooth, no scratches.
③ regulation size PPR materials, improved processing performance and reduce processing has generated a quality problem.
Variety: light gray camel, camel gray, white, green, yellow, blue, red stone Hz, iron gray and so on.
Proposed to add the ratio: 1:50 Can be customized according to customer requirements.

Hint:If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail for all purposes.

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