Fill transparent masterbatch

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knauf offene stellen go 1, the product profile
Transparent masterbatch filled with ordinary filling masterbatch, the biggest feature is added to the PP, PE, transparent to its impact on small, can be widely used in the film, sheet, tubing, containers and other areas. If the use of PE films, the right to add volume to improve the transparency of HDPE film, LDPE film transparency almost no impact.

brief examples of friction there At the same time have a very good surface finish and balanced mechanical properties. These are commonly available to fill the masterbatch unmatched. It can be predicted, the mother of filling materials, plastic will fill the lower reaches and its application in the field have a greater impact.

china iphone 8 clon 2, the product features:
(1) transparency, and add the amount of light transmission rate is still 30 to reach 90%
(2) on the mechanical properties of the loss is very small, basically to keep the main mechanical properties of materials
(3) do not change the original equipment, technology
(4) to reduce product costs 5-10% or more (based on the need to add a specific amount of calculation)

franz carl nüdling visit 3, the use of methods:
This Masterbatch and plastic raw materials directly mixed evenly, you can carry out production and processing. General recommended adding amount of 5% to 30%, according to the specific requirements of the right to choose the proportion of added. frauen besorgen es ihren männern 4, storage conditions:
Ventilation in the clean, dry, cool, clean place to preserve. Masterbatch does not allow damaged packaging and store exposure and avoid sun exposure, and the rain.

peter james roy grace serie click 5, shelf-life:
Production from the date of 1 year.

Hint:If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail for all purposes.

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