Color Toner Service

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Plastics processing when the color difference is caused by many factors, including:

1. Injection process of change

2. Change the background color of the raw materials

3. Injection molding machine cleanliness of

4. Materials under the doors of cleanliness

5. Color Produced by powder deviation

6. Dispersant use of improper

7. I poured with inappropriate material

8. Mixer cleanliness of

9. Mixing time control

In order to solve the problem of rendering existing customers, we stand ready to solve problems for customers, and strive to be accurate, fast, high quality, low cost, quality assurance, so customer satisfaction.

Flame-retardant masterbatch

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I. Introduction:
High-performance flame-retardant masterbatch selection of high-performance series of flame retardants, the unique preparation, not only with reliable fire-retardant, and has good
Good dispersion and resin matrix of compatibility for ABS, HIPS resin.

II, the major technical indicators:
Project: Technical indicators
Appearance: uniform particles
Flame retardant: V-0, V-1, V-2, HB-class
Migration of resistance: ≥ 4 level

III, the use of ratio and methods:
Flame-retardant materials will be home to 1:3-1:4-1:5 resin and raw materials (in accordance with the requirements and fire-retardant resin species may be) evenly mixed, some of the dried product.

How to Color Masterbatch

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high percentage of pigments and additives and thermoplastic resin, as well dispersed by the plastic colorants, their choice of resin stain on the good wetting and dispersion, and coloring materials with good Components : Color + vector + additive = Color Masterbatch use of the advantages of colored thermoplastic commonly used method of coloring: the color pigment and resin colorant grain mixture into a mixing colored plastic, for the molding process.

Coloring the dry powder resins stain color and mix evenly and directly used in the manufacture of plastic products. Color masterbatch today’s most commonly used method of coloring plastics.

By the high percentage of pigments and additives and thermoplastic resin, as well dispersed by the plastic colorants, their choice of resin stain on the good wetting and dispersion, and coloring materials with good compatibility.

Components: Color + vector + additive = Color Masterbatch
The use of the advantages of coloring masterbatch

Thermoplastic commonly used method of coloring:
The color pigment and resin colorant grain mixture into a mixing colored plastic, for the molding process.
Coloring the dry powder resins stain color and mix evenly and directly used in the manufacture of plastic products.

Color masterbatch today’s most commonly used method of coloring plastics. Vector in the spread of colorants, and simple color resin mixture used in the manufacture of plastic products after.
Masterbatch coloring significant advantages include:
Easy to use, the shape of the environment pollution-free.

Color uniformity, stability, improve the quality of plastic parts.
Easily measurable, application of a high degree of automation of production systems forming.
Can be colored, anti-aging agent, anti-static agent in one set, made of multi-function Masterbatch, user-friendly.

Biodegradable Masterbatch

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This product is a new company to develop a degradation of plastic masterbatch, including a new generation of agent-induced degradation, the most prominent feature is to absorb light and, in the light chemical reaction to produce a chain reaction of free radicals, the transfer of polymer Degradation.

At the same time, a very good solution to the degradation of the past, light plastic products in light conditions (such as filling soil, garbage-filled field) can not be induced degradation of photosensitizer or photosensitizer to be filled with high-degradation effect of the parcel so that the shortcomings of the poor. This product is a colorless and tasteless appearance, and polyolefin better Histocompatibility is a very environment-friendly materials.

Suitable for plastic varieties: LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE, PP, EVA

Applications: apply to the production of film, sheet, injection molding products, If the bag, Kuaican He; daily necessities, to do Public goods.

Indicators of physical properties:

melting index: <2g/10min

Water: <1.0%

Density: <1.5g/cm3

Appearance: white or light yellow, plastic good


⒈ environmental performance: starch in the micro-organisms such as bacteria or mold under the degradation occurs, leading to the structure of the polymer greatly weakened. With the natural oxidation process generated by the interaction of peroxide and photosensitizer, to plastic chain molecules, the molecular weight decreases, the last full for the degradation of the environment-friendly material.

⒉ manufactured quality: the elimination of a sense of Guang-yan, increase flexibility products, printing and better performance results.

⒊ ideal additive: drug-free without stimulation, fine, good plastic, uniform size.

Processing Guide: Add volume of 3% to 5%, processing performance, applicable to all types of plastic-based processing, molding temperature can be processed in accordance with the actual conditions of regulation. Does not alter the process.

Storage and packaging: The use of paper-plastic composite outer packaging, inner packaging usedcolor-printing laminated package bag, net weight 25 kg; ventilation products stored in clean, dry, cool, clean place, not allowed to destroy the packaging to avoid sun exposure, and the rain.

How to masterbatch

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Masterbatch by the excess chemical additives, dispersants and carriers are resin composition. Masterbatch is the extraordinary amount of paint (dye) attached to the resin contained in uniform and be in the aggregate.
Constitute a major masterbatch

1, Color
General points of organic pigments such as phthalocyanine green, and so on; inorganic pigments such as red iron oxide, titanium dioxide; dyes such as pink to restore the scattered orange and so on. Polyolefins, PVC masterbatch is used in paints, dyes generally can not be said for coloring polyolefins, or give rise to migration seriously.

2, Dispersant
The main color on the surface wetting, the paint will help further spread and stability in the resin, at the same time must be compatible with the resin, color does not affect product quality. Polyolefin masterbatch dispersant generally low-molecular-weight polyethylene wax esters or hardware, such as zinc. Engineering Plastics masterbatch dispersant generally have polar low-molecular-weight polyethylene wax, hard-acid magnesium, calcium, and other hard-ester.

3, The carrier resin
So that the color masterbatch were uniformly distributed and granular. Choice of carriers to be considered with the color of the resin compatibility, but also to consider masterbatch should have a good dispersion, the carrier mobility should be greater than the colored resin, at the same time after being colored does not affect the quality of products. If a larger selection of melt index of its kind polymer, so that the masterbatch melt index was higher in the polymer to ensure that the final products of the same color. PE, PP masterbatch choice LDPE (low density polyethylene) resin as the carrier, PS, ABS masterbatch modified PS choice as the carrier.

Filled with calcium carbonate and its masterbatch production technology

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Filled with calcium carbonate and its masterbatch production technology

The present invention relates to a home filled with calcium carbonate material and its production process. It features, including calcium carbonate, plastic resins, additives, dispersants, the agent for the paraffin, of which 100 kg of calcium carbonate in the addition of 1-10 kilograms of plastic resin, wax 1-10 kg 0.06-0.6 kg of stearic acid.

The process for:
(A) ingredients
(B) mixing
(C) very much
(D) after the cooling storage.

Simplified the production process, calcium carbonate do not need to dry, activation, coupling agent does not need, do not need to sort feed directly and calcium carbonate powder resins, additives, dispersants into a mixture of high-speed mixer, feeding off hybrid, Labor-saving, low consumption, renewable resins can be used resin, cost savings, with the market’s competitive advantage and price advantage.

Fill transparent masterbatch

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1, the product profile
Transparent masterbatch filled with ordinary filling masterbatch, the biggest feature is added to the PP, PE, transparent to its impact on small, can be widely used in the film, sheet, tubing, containers and other areas. If the use of PE films, the right to add volume to improve the transparency of HDPE film, LDPE film transparency almost no impact.

At the same time have a very good surface finish and balanced mechanical properties. These are commonly available to fill the masterbatch unmatched. It can be predicted, the mother of filling materials, plastic will fill the lower reaches and its application in the field have a greater impact.

2, the product features:
(1) transparency, and add the amount of light transmission rate is still 30 to reach 90%
(2) on the mechanical properties of the loss is very small, basically to keep the main mechanical properties of materials
(3) do not change the original equipment, technology
(4) to reduce product costs 5-10% or more (based on the need to add a specific amount of calculation)

3, the use of methods:
This Masterbatch and plastic raw materials directly mixed evenly, you can carry out production and processing. General recommended adding amount of 5% to 30%, according to the specific requirements of the right to choose the proportion of added.

4, storage conditions:
Ventilation in the clean, dry, cool, clean place to preserve. Masterbatch does not allow damaged packaging and store exposure and avoid sun exposure, and the rain.

5, shelf-life:
Production from the date of 1 year.

Nano calcium carbonate-filled masterbatch

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The technology is the use of surface-to-date multi-activation technology, nano calcium carbonate can be dispersed evenly in the compound filled with the mother, the mother is expected to join the plastic, filled with ordinary masterbatch, can effectively increase the rigidity of the material, toughness , Bending strength, and other mechanical properties at the same time improve the stability of the product size, thermal stability, mobility products, as well as printing and a strong degree of clarity.

Nano calcium carbonate-filled masterbatch can be widely applied to drawing, injection molding, hollow, blown film, packing tape, tubing, and other daily-use products in the field, can also be used in polyethylene, polypropylene, household appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, and other accessories in the field of engineering plastics. Has a broad market prospect.

The Company introduced the nano calcium carbonate-filled masterbatch technology into nanometer calcium carbonate-filled polyethylene film technology and nano calcium carbonate-filled polypropylene bags stretching techniques.

Nano calcium carbonate-filled performance Masterbatch Technology
Indicators Project
The average size (nm) ≥ 40
Granular appearance
Whiteness> 85
Moisture and volatile matter content (%)
≤ 0.55
Density (g/cm3)
≤ 2.6
Melt flow rate (g/10min)
≥ 2.7
Nano calcium carbonate-filled polyethylene film technology performance
Masterbatch addition of nano calcium carbonate (%)
Tear strength (%)
Increase the tensile strength (%)
Transparency film
Nano calcium carbonate-filled polypropylene bags stretching technical performance
Masterbatch addition of nano calcium carbonate (%)
Increase the tensile strength (%)
Improve the elongation at break (%)
Increase the amount of filler (%)

Calcium carbonate masterbatch filled with PP carrier

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Calcium carbonate filler material from the mother of the last century since the birth of the early 1980s, for plastic processing industry and society as a whole has made great contributions to the annual output reached more than 1,000,000 tons, is a modified plastic one of the important species.

masterbatch.jpg” />

Masterbatch fill the first carrier to use the polymer when the PP is a by-product – random polypropylene (APP), hence known as APP masterbatch. After the Beijing Yanshan Petrochemical Corporation as a result of technological transformation, no depletion of the source of polypropylene, synthetic resin and calcium carbonate as a substitute during the shortage, the market demand. In this context, in order to polyethylene resin as the carrier of calcium carbonate-filled masterbatch came into being, such as LDPE1F7B is still the mother is expected to fill most of the major raw materials.

As the mother of filling materials are mainly used for stretching the use of polypropylene bags and packing tape, from the price, compatibility and strength in areas such as stretching, the use of polypropylene resin as the carrier filled more suitable for such a masterbatch.

The early 1990s, the then Ministry of Light Industry Institute of Plastics Processing application to be the first to introduce polypropylene powder as the carrier resin material calcium carbonate-filled mother, known as the PPM masterbatch, and in 1992 won the State New product class title.

PPM masterbatch small body PP powder as a carrier compared to price, such as PE resin 1F7B a significant advantage, so far has kept 1,000 yuan / ton over the price difference. At the same time, the low density of the PP in itself means that the same quality of the resin more of the number of vector borne polymer resin.

In addition the strength of PP is higher than PE, under the same conditions allow stretching, packaged with a higher intensity, such as different carrier made of resin-filled PP masterbatch for injection molding products, and will be stretching, packaged with Similar products such as the results of the PP as the carrier is about to fill the resin masterbatch with other resins for the carrier to fill the masterbatch, according to the QB 1126-91 “filled polyolefin masterbatch” industry standard spline made of injection, When the same formula, sample preparation equipment, conditions at the same time, PP as the carrier filled the masterbatch best.

The PP as the carrier filled with calcium carbonate masterbatch production of the main points are as follows:
① PP granular powder PP than cheaper, more evenly mixed with calcium carbonate, priority should be to use.
② powder melt flow rate of the PP not be too big, 4 ~ 10g/10min for good.
③ PP powder did not join the antioxidant, lubricant additives, and so on, we must add the appropriate amount.
④ PP powder stored in the process of gradual degradation, let sour, it must be time to ask the production and use in a timely manner, preferably in a polymer used up within one month after.
⑤ to PP powder as the carrier of calcium carbonate-filled masterbatch can use the same parallel to the twin-screw extruder processing, the ratio of calcium carbonate can reach more than 80%. The key question is not eager Granulation air-cooled surface model, we should not be using the pull water granulation, the only way to use air-cooled grain belt.
1.2.2 for ABS in place of the main goals of the modified Polypropylene

(1) Co., Ltd. of Japan Karp CALP resin composition, performance and purpose
CALP resin on many occasions can be expensive to replace the ABS, there are still obvious shortcomings.

  1. Than the density of large ABS;
  2. Low surface hardness, described intolerance;
  3. Less rigid;
  4. Low-gloss surface;
  5. Poor surface coating;
  6. Forming large size shrinkage. The original use of ABS injection molding die need to be modified to use modified PP resin.

Master batch

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The use of masrerbatch has dominated the market ,it is obvious that to dye and change the nature of the plastic material with the masterbatch is quite a potential market and a certain trendency . To meet this demand ,

our company have apecially set up the research and production department of masterbatch to assure precise color matching by computer operation and advanced testing system and first class producing line .

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