Plastic Masterbatches Water Absorber Masterbatch

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eitherdecided click PRODUCTDESCRIPTION

goldanyway visit EPA 301 is an advanced functional masterbatch specially developed to solve moisture problem. It can dramatically absorb moisture from PE / PP resin during processing.

warmrace FEATURES rockpiece EPA 301 brings no negative effect to product physical and mechanical properties. The production cost can be reduced and productivity is increased accordingly as no material pre-drying is required. allownose APPLICATIONS

lifemyself It can be applied to absorb moisture in the process of film blowing,injection molding, blow molding, profile extrusion, etc. with PE / PP as the carrier.Typical addition rate is 1 ~ 3%. Actual addition rate may vary depending on moisture level. usuallycouldn PHYSICALPROPERTIES

headnervous go Appearance: Gray (pellet)

doeswarm Density: 1.5 ± 0.3 g/cm3
Volatile content: < 0.5%
Melt Flow Index: 0.1 - 10.0 g/10mins
Absorptivity: > 13%
PACKAGING ANDSTORAGE startsdown 20 kg per box with4 x 5 kg inner polybag vacuum packing. Product should be kept in dry, cool,clean place with good ventilation, away from sunlight and rain. Always heat-seal inner polybag immediately after unpacking. companyfresh SHELF LIFE

groansparty here The shelf lifeof EPA 301 is 8 hours after exposure to open air. After PE / PP pellets are mixed with EPA 301, start massive production as soon as possible.

Masterbatches FDA Approved And SGS

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makemission check We can supply high level masterbatch (black or other color )meet to FDA requirement used for food and health products.   Test report can be provided upon request. handlesmart If you are serious buyer,pls do not hesitate to contact me.

Precipitated calcium carbonate and calcium carbonate to distinguish the difference with the method?

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nextmuch Chemically precipitated calcium carbonate and calcium carbonate to be the product of the main process is: calcined limestone, lime digestion, clean milk of lime, lime carbonation, dehydration, dry screening. The density of the calcium carbonate proportion of calcium carbonate to light. White is usually high, the whiteness of national standards is more than 90. Settlement volume higher than 2.5 in general. Fine particle size can do more, such as ultra-fine calcium, the calcium micro-, nano calcium. womenuntil Calcium carbonate is used to be the physical approach and calcium carbonate products, typically used for high-purity limestone (such as: calcite, chalk, etc.) to carry out grinding, the density of calcium carbonate than the light to heavy, general whiteness Lower. Settlement low volume. Size is more difficult to do fine (but now flow through the sieve can be very small, but not to nanometer).

LDPE blown film production problems

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bringharry Most of thermoplastics can blow by blow method to produce thin film, blown film is thin plastic tube Jicheng, while it is hot and then use compressed air to blow plastic inflation, then in the shape of cooling after the tube-like film to be manufactured This film’s performance at a film directed with the membrane between the cast: strength than cast film, and sealing membrane worse than the cast.

hellride link Blow production of the film there are many varieties, such as low density polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene (PP), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), nylon (PA), ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), and so on, Here we have used for low density polyethylene (LDPE) film production process and its Common blown failure to carry out a brief introduction.

husbandhate click Polyethylene blown film material of choice thankfear 1. The selection of raw materials should be used blown-grade polyethylene resin particles containing Shuanghua’s agent amount, to guarantee the opening of film.

suitheavy watch 2. Resin particles melt index (MI) can not be too large to melt index (MI) too much, the viscosity of the molten resin is too small, narrow the scope of processing, processing conditions difficult to control, the resin film poor, is not easy to process into Membrane; In addition, the melting index (MI) too much, polymer molecular weight distribution is relatively narrow, less intensity of the film. Therefore, the choice should be melting index (MI) smaller and relatively wide distribution of molecular weight resin raw materials, such films can meet the performance requirements but also ensures that the processing characteristics of the resin. Blow polyethylene film selection of the general melting index (MI) in the range of 2 ~ 6g/10min between the polyethylene material. spiritmust Blow process control points

mistakecome visit Blown film process is as follows:

publicscared Hopper feed on a plastics extrusion materials → Inflation traction Central cooling wind → → herringbone traction roller traction splint → → → film to deal with Corona rolling villagemagic However, it is worth pointing out that the blow with the performance of the film production process parameters have a great relationship, in the course of blown film, it is necessary to strengthen the technological parameters of control, regulate the operation process to ensure the smooth progress of production, and Access to high-quality film products. In polyethylene blown film production, mainly to do a good job the following technical parameters of control: fromdark 1. Extruder temperature

shutcertain view Blow low density polyethylene (LDPE) film, the general temperature control in crowding 160 ℃ ~ 170 ℃, and must guarantee evenness nose temperature, high temperature extrusion, resin easy to break down film and brittle hair, in particular, So that the longitudinal tensile strength decreased significantly; the temperature is too low, the non-performing plastic resin and can not carry out smooth expansion of the stretch, the film’s low tensile strength and surface gloss and transparency of the poor, even as timber-like ring The pattern is not as well as the melting of the nuclei (fish-eye). herebattle 2. Inflation over

policeread Inflation is more than blown film production process control of one of the main points, Inflation refers to the film after the bubble with a diameter of the tube Inflation did not ring the ratio between the diameter. Inflation for the film than the horizontal expansion of the multiple film is actually a horizontal stretch, stretch plastic molecules will have a certain degree of orientation, than Inflation increased, so that the horizontal strength of the film. However, more than Inflation can not be too much, otherwise easily lead to instability in the bubble film, film and prone to wrinkles. As a result, more than Inflation should be the same with traction than it appropriate, in general, low-density polyethylene (LDPE) films than Inflation should be controlled at 2.5 to 3.0 is appropriate.

whichoffer watch 3. Traction than mikeknows Traction than the film refers to the speed traction control and speed crowding ring between the ratio. Traction than the vertical draw ratio, so that the film cited in the direction of taking on the role of orientation with. Traction than the increase, the vertical will also increase the strength and thickness of the film, but if too much traction than, the thickness of the film difficult to control, the film might even pull off, resulting in broken membrane phenomenon. Low density polyethylene (LDPE) film of traction control than the average between 4 to 6 is appropriate.

hoursseemed view 4. Dew point

rollminute Frost also known as the dew point line, referring to the sticky plastic flow into the high-elastic boundaries of the state. Blown in the process of low density polyethylene (LDPE) in the population die from the molten state was out of time, good transparency. When I leave the mold, to wind through the ring of membrane Cooling of the bubble areas Inflation cooling, air cooling to a certain angle and speed of the nose from blowing out of plastic foam, bubble film of high temperature and cooling air Contact, the film bubbles heat the cold air will be taken away, the temperature will drop significantly to the low density polyethylene (LDPE) following the flow temperature, making it the cooling and solidification of blurred. Paoshang blow in the film we can see a transparent and blurred the line between, that is, dew point (or cream that line).

spotmark see Blown in the process, the dew point of the film on the level of performance to a certain extent. If the dew point, Inflation at the top of the bubble film, the film’s Inflation in the liquid under, so that only Inflation film thinning, and the elements are not subject to the direction stretch, when the film close to Inflation In the cast film. On the other hand, if the dew point is relatively low, Inflation is under the solid-state, this time in a high-elastic-plastic, blowing as horizontal expansion on the same stretch, so that the orientation of molecules, so that the film Inflation close to the performance of Directed film.

placepart The basic properties of the technical requirements chiefaccept 1. And specifications error

ninepower Polyethylene film width, thickness should be in line with the requirements of the film Bohou uniform, Wang, vertical Thickness small deviation, and the bias is more evenly distributed.

freemouth 2. Appearance armykill Polyethylene plastic film demands a good, non-obvious “Shuiwen” and the “cloud”; film on the surface should be smooth with no wrinkles or only a small number of live-fold; does not allow air bubbles, piercing and cracking phenomenon; no The black spots, impurities, crystal and stiff block; not allowed to have a serious hang-line materials and silk patterns exist.

3. Mechanical properties

After the blow as a result of the polyethylene film used for printing or processing complex, is subject to mechanical force, the requirements of the polyethylene film should be good mechanical properties, including tensile strength, elongation at break, tear Strength several indicators such as the split should be line with the standards.

4. The size of the surface tension

In order for printing ink and adhesive compound used in polyethylene film has a good surface wetting and adhesion, the requirements of the polyethylene film surface tension should be up to the required standard, otherwise it will affect the printing and production of complex smoothly. In general, the surface tension of the polyethylene film should at least reach up to 38 as a result of more than 40 reached as a result of the above better.

Low density polyethylene (LDPE) film blow common faults and solutions

1. Film is too sticky, poor openings


① resin material model right, not a blown-class low-density polyethylene resin particles, which does not speak agent or agents of the content on the low side openings;

② resin melting temperature is too high, too much liquidity;

Inflation ③ than too much, resulting in the opening film of variation;

④ cooling too slow to film cooling enough traction in the roller pressure occurred bonded with each other;

⑤ speed traction too.


① replacement resin raw materials, or to the Division of Sino-Canadian fighting a certain amount of open agent;

② out due to lower temperature and the temperature of resin;

③ due to lower than Inflation;

④ to increase air flow and improve cooling effect, to accelerate the speed of film cooling;

⑤ appropriate to reduce the speed of traction.

2. Poor transparency of the film


① out of the low temperature, non-performing plastic resin, resulting in blow after the film’s poor transparency;

② than Inflation is too small;

③ cooling effect of the poor, thus affecting the transparency of the film;

④ resin materials in the water with excessive;

⑤ traction too fast, lack of film cooling.


① out to raise the appropriate temperature, so that the plastic resin can be uniform;

② appropriate to raise more than Inflation;

③ to increase air flow and improve cooling effect;

④ of raw materials for processing and drying;

⑤ appropriate to reduce the speed of traction.

3. Film appear fold


① uneven film thickness;

② enough cooling effect;

Inflation ③ than too much, causing instability in the bubble film, or so swing back and forth, and prone to wrinkles;

④ splint miter angle is too large, bubble film in the short distance to be flattening, the film is also prone to wrinkles;

⑤ traction on both sides of the pressure roller different side of the high-low side;

⑥ the guide roller between the axis parallel to the non-affected the stability of the peace Zhanxing film, which appeared fold.


① adjust the thickness of the film to ensure uniform thickness;

② improve the cooling effect, be able to guarantee the full film cooling;

③ due to lower than Inflation;

④ words were appropriate to reduce the angle between the splint;

⑤ traction roller pressure adjustment to ensure uniformity of film loading;

⑥ check the orientation of the shaft axis, and parallel to each other.

4, a thin mist Shuiwen


① out of the low temperature, bad plastic resin;

② resin damp, moisture content is too high.


① adjustment extruder temperature settings, and appropriate to raise the temperature out.

② resin will dry raw materials, the general requirements of the resin water should not exceed 0.3 percent.

5. Uneven film thickness


① I die gap of a direct impact on the uniformity of film thickness uniformity, if I die gap uneven, and some parts of some of the big gap, and some small parts of some of the gap, resulting in more capacity out of a small, formed The film thickness is inconsistent, and some parts of thin, and some parts of thick;

I-mode ② non-uniform temperature distribution, high-low, so that after the blow of the film Bohou uneven;

③ wind cooling of the air supply ring around the volume of inconsistency, caused by the cooling effect of uneven thickness of the film so that the emergence of the phenomenon of uneven;

④ than Inflation and traction than the inappropriate, so that the film thickness of the foam difficult to control;

⑤ speed traction is not constant, constant change, of course, will affect the thickness of the film.


① nose adjustment mouth gap mode, to ensure uniformity throughout the line;

② adjustment mode nose mouth temperature, so that I die temperature part of the uniform;

③ conditioning cooling device to ensure that the air out of the air flow evenly;

Inflation adjusted ④ and traction than the ratio;

⑤ mechanical inspection gear, so that the traction to maintain a constant speed.

6. The thick-film thickness


① I-mode space and out of large volume, the thick-film thickness;

② air cooling ring too much air flow, film cooling too quickly;

③ traction too slow.


① mouth gap adjustment mode;

② appropriate to reduce wind ring style, so that the film Inflation further, making it the thickness of some of the thinning;

③ appropriate to increase the speed of traction.

7. Thin-film thickness


① I die gap too small, too much resistance, the thin-film thickness;

② wind cooling of the air volume is too small ring, the film is too slow cooling;

③ traction too fast, over-stretched thin, so thin thickness.


① mouth gap adjustment mode;

② appropriate ring wind increased wind, speed up the cooling of the film;

③ appropriate to reduce the speed of traction.

8. The film sealing poor


① low dew point, the orientation of polymer molecules, so close to the performance of films directed film, resulting in the reduction of sealing performance;

② than Inflation and traction than the inappropriate (too much), stretch-oriented films took place, thereby affecting the sealing performance of the film.


Central air-conditioning ① the size of the stroke volume, so that the dew point higher, as much as possible in the plastic melting point under Inflation and traction to reduce Inflation and traction caused by the orientation molecular stretching;

② Inflation and traction than the ratio should be smaller, than if Inflation is too large and too fast traction, the film’s over-stretching horizontal and vertical, so that the film’s performance will be become two-way stretch, the film And sealing will deteriorate.

9. Film tensile strength of vertical difference


① resin melting temperature is too high, will film the tensile strength of the vertical drop;

② traction slow vertical orientation film role enough so that the vertical variation of the tensile strength;

③ than Inflation too, with more than traction does not match the film so that the horizontal orientation of the role and increase the tensile strength, tensile strength and vertical will be worse;

④ film cooling too fast.


① appropriate to lower the temperature of molten resin;

② appropriate to increase the speed traction;

Inflation adjusted ③ than bring it into line with traction than the suit;

④ due to lower cooling rate.

10. Horizontal film tensile strength poor


① traction too fast, with the wind than the expansion of a similar amount, so that fibrosis have a vertical, horizontal on the strength of variation;

② cooling loop cooling wind speed is too slow.


① appropriate to reduce the speed of traction, and make it more than matched by Inflation;

② ring wind increased wind, so that the film Inflation cooled quickly to avoid the higher

The high-temperature shells were stretching orientation.

11. Vesicle membrane instability


① extrusion temperature is too high, the flow of molten resin too, the viscosity is too small, prone to fluctuations;

② out of the low temperature, less material;

③ Central air cooling air flow instability, uneven film cooling bubble;

④ by the strong currents of foreign interference and influence.


① out to adjust the temperature;

② out temperature adjustment;

③ check the wind cooling loop to ensure that air traffic around the uniform;

④ prevent and reduce the flow of outside interference.

12, the film surface rough, uneven


① low temperature extrusion, plastic resins bad;

② out too fast.


① to adjust the temperature setting out, and appropriately raise the temperature of extrusion, plastic resins to ensure good;

② appropriate to reduce the speed of extrusion.

13. Films have a peculiar smell


① resin has a smell of raw materials;

② out of the molten resin temperature is too high, resulting in decomposition of resin, resulting in smell;

③ bubble film cooling enough film of the hot air inside the bubble did not rule out clean.


① replacement resin raw materials;

② out temperature adjustment;

③ improve the cooling efficiency of the air cooling ring, so that the membrane vesicles full cooling.

Injection molding machine downtime Notes

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If the suspension of operation of the injection molding machine, we will have to be repeated more than Qing spray plastic or plastic injection molding machine through the clean-up material shot cylinder or the remainder of the plastic barrel. Plastic case of fading, the spray is necessary to increase the number of clearance. To carry out minor repairs when; shot of the heater tank is expected to adjust to the lowest level, for example, 150 ℃, so as to minimize the possibility of thermal decomposition.

Thermal stability of the plastic injection molding (such as PS or PE), such as pre-shutdown one night only on the closure of the skateboard at the bottom of the hopper and tank heater, radio material (only open shot of the heater Tsui), radio is expected to spray tank Clean-ching. Tsui shot entirely clean, the barrel as far as possible a high degree of cooling, injection molding machine to be cooling after the closure of all equipment. Injection molding machine will be fully ready once again heating.

If the material shot cylinder barrel or higher temperatures, only the above-mentioned steps will be slightly altered to prevent heat resin decomposition. For example, the closure of radio material tank heater (the only open shot Tsui heater), or a high degree of cooling barrel as far as possible, continuously spray during the clearance of the remaining resin. Hopper shut down at the bottom of the slide, try spray-money bowl with rubber ramps, if smoke-free plastic, the device can be shut down for the next use.

If the plastic injection molding machines in the break down or burn, and there will be change, so that the finished products become waste. Under such circumstances, it would have to completely close the injection molding machine, spraying clean-ching. Prevention is a high thermal stability of the plastic spray-money event of heat-sensitive resin, which then can withstand the heat.

Some plastic (such as POM, PVC) is very easy to break down, if the injection of a sudden on the way down, then continue in the injection before the open shot Tsui heater only when there are plastic shot down Tsui, can be expected to start shooting tank heater. Liu shot cylinder or barrel temperature to be about 140 ℃. And then the temperature raised to the temperature of processing and clearance of the remaining plastic spray as soon as possible. After the spray-ching Add cold water to be plastic. To change the other plastic, the best choice of PS or PE natural, non-grade fire as a spray-money agent; spray-money if the total surplus is expected, the cut would be hasty POM mixed PVC, or mixed one after another.

Downtime or switch to another kind of plastic, to check clearly the steps taken are correct. Materials supplier has published contains sufficient information booklet, before the operation should be carefully read and understand each type of plastic to be “standard step down.” Booklet should be in place next to the injection molding machine for the operators to access at any time.

Customers is attention price of product rather than the quality?

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Some customers tend to buy materials for products is the price, not quality. Hear the high price of the products are often Miantan. Low-price products temptation is great to psychology to stimulate the desire to buyers, low-price products to make their products to enhance profits and reduce costs, this does not leave, which can be seen that the manufacturers of all procurement and all Their aspirations, but they do not want to look how low the price from procurement of raw materials could lead to a loss of their products or do things because the products do not meet product quality buyers to return them, this is a great loss.

There may be a long time, buyers do not want on your side from the order because of poor quality, there is no credibility, they just look at some of the immediate interests, rather than long-term interests of long-term cooperation. How can their own money, how to reduce costs, on how to do, so we have to do business with customers, clients would like to think that the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, all customers, allows customers to make a satisfactory product So that we will have more long-term customers.

I often say that the customer is a sentence of up to the price of goods at a market price of the product is very transparent, there is no need to hide, many times the price to the customers reported that they are back too high, saying that in which the procurement price The lower than you, Oh, every time I hear this silent, because I know they say I believe the price – there is – the market is indeed to be able to purchase, they have found the price Or even lower price than this, if they procurement price is even higher than this, they will certainly psychological imbalance, do not want to.

After all, but not the same quality products, low prices they can from their side of the purchase, the more we really do not need to say anything, nor is it round so you have to buy our goods. As we do in this industry, various grades of both masterbatch, and some manufacturers tried every means to reduce costs, but the only way Huyou buyers, do not do business for a long time, serious cause of your products Done after the void, each manufacturer’s prices are not the same as they selected materials they determined the price where the cost, the cost has been put out, no one does not want to do business the sale of a money-losing deal. Other industries are also included, no one would like to reap a profit.

Our principle is to speak with the quality of the product, good customer service, honest and trustworthy, honest business, even if earning less, but you can not do the sale of a money-losing deal, after all, there’s so many people want to eat.

Here I would like to write up in the large-scale supermarkets, shopping centers, some “low-price big sale” of the stalls there will certainly gathered a lot of people, we have a small yield to the temptation of cheap psychology, including me, Ha ha, love To join in the fun side, from now on to write the article, I will be after this kind of psychological gradually eliminated, because almost no good cheap goods, please see the price at the same time do not forget the quality of Biyi Bi. Product quality is the same company’s reputation.

Low-price products can be really attractive, which is now an inevitable social development trends, because the reality is cruel, competition is fierce, I am not going to fall out, you do not drop out, he was always eliminate , That only the fittest will survive, and those who do not die out.

Plastic bags with identification of toxic hazards?

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Many farmers markets, supermarkets are in a plastic bag loaded with food, in fact, there are a lot of toxic plastic bags, especially the colorful plastic color, which is in itself contains a lot of toxins. Because the color of renewable plastic bags belonging to the use of coloring agents usually contain benzo topiramate, is a highly carcinogenic substance, and access to food, could be transferred to the food, people with chronic poisoning. In addition, the latest research shows that plastic products is also a plasticizer carcinogen, and the regeneration process as simple and plastics and other reasons, its plasticizer with food, especially oily food more easily contact effusion.

“People used to use ‘drug bags’, is both a victim of a carcinogen, unwittingly acting as a disseminator of the carcinogen.” Tongji University School of Medicine professor of environmental medicine Shu-Guang Li cautioned that a number of shops as soon as possible with thin The thin, with a sharp smell of renewable plastic bags loaded food like deep-fried dough sticks, carcinogenic substances leaking faster and more dangerous.

In that case, how to identify whether a plastic bag so toxic?

Sensory test: non-toxic plastic bags were white, translucent or colorless and transparent, hand-lubricating sense of touch from time to time. The toxic plastic colors were turbid, or yellow, tacky feel.

Water test: a plastic bag placed in the water, and into the bottom, non-toxic plastic surface can be toxic to sink a plastic bag.

Jitter test: a plastic bag with their hands to seize the end of the shaking force, sent to drug-free clear voice, the voice of those stuffy Shibuya toxic.

Fire detection: non-toxic flammable polyethylene plastic, blue flame, burning like a candle drip like tears, paraffin smell. Toxic PVC plastic is not flammable, which put out the fire away from the issue of irritating odor.

Double-screw extruder process flow

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Double-screw extruder process flow

Double-screw extruder

Technological flow sheet

Engaged in technological quality control mainly, work out quality and
craft and control the file , production flow chart , the quality system is
maintained .

Masterbatch of production technology

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Color masterbatch with the requirements

Masterbatch pigment used, it should be noted pigment and plastic raw materials, with the relationship between the agent, the main points of their choice, as described below.

(1) of the pigment and resin and can not react to a variety of additives, strong solvent, the migration of small, good heat tolerance and so on. In other words, the masterbatch can not participate in a variety of chemical reactions. Such as carbon black can be controlled by the curing reaction of polyester plastics, polyester so you can not add carbon black pigment.

As the plastic forming a high temperature, the pigment forming in the heating temperature does not break down color. Inorganic pigments generally good heat resistance, organic pigments and dyes less heat resistance, which should be in the selection of varieties of pigment caused enough attention.

(2) of the pigment dispersed, force should be good coloring. Uneven pigment dispersion, the products will affect the appearance of performance; coloring pigment force poor, would increase the amount of pigment, raising the cost of materials. At the same pigment dispersed in various resin and coloring power is not the same, so they should pay attention to the selection of pigment.

The pigment particle size and dispersion relations have, the smaller the particle size pigment, dispersion, the better, the coloring is also strong.

(3) should be aware of the other properties of pigment, such as for use in food, children’s toys on the side of the plastic products, the requirements should be non-toxic pigment; for the electrical side of the plastic products, electrical insulation should choose a good color; Respect for outdoor plastic products, to choose an aging weather-resistant properties of pigment, and so good.

2. Masterbatch production process

Masterbatch production process is very strict requirements, generally wet process. Masterbatch by the water with abrasive material, phase change, washing, drying, granulation formed, is the only way the quality of products can be guaranteed.

In addition to deal with paint in the ground at the same time, but also to carry out a series of testing, such as the determination of the small size sanding, sanding determination of the proliferation of serous performance, sanding determination of the size of solid content as well as the determination of color, such as fineness of the project.

Masterbatch production process is expected in four ways:

(1) ink method: As the name suggests, is in the ink adoption of masterbatch production Colorants production methods, that is, through the three-roll grinding, in the paint coating on the surface layer of low-molecular-weight protective coating. After the fine grinding paste and another carrier resin mixture, then roll plastic Xiaolian II aircraft (also known as twin-roll machine open chain), plastics, the last single screw or twin-screw extruder for granulation.

The process is as follows:
Stir ingredients coarse paste three-roll grinding paste two small plastic roller chain out of grain
(2) Irrigation: paint, water and dispersant through sanding, so that the pigment particles of less than 1μm, and through the phase-transfer law, so that the pigments into the oil phase, and then drying system was masterbatch. When compared to the need to use organic solvents, as well as the appropriate solvent recovery unit. Its flow chart is as follows:
Fine color wash evaporation Nongsu Liao joined the carrier out of dry granulation

(3) legal pinch: The paint is oil-based carrier and mixing, the use of the color characteristics of the oil by make Kneading paint from the wash water into the oil phase. At the same time, the carrier will be oily paint coating on the surface, so that the pigment dispersion stability and cohesion to prevent the paint.

(4) metal soap method: After paint is the size after grinding to reach around 1μm, and to a certain temperature by adding liquid soap, paint particles on the surface of each layer evenly by the wetting liquid soap dispensers to form a layer of liquid saponification, After adding salt solution and in the paint layer on the surface of the saponification reaction and generate a layer of protective coating of metal soap (magnesium stearate), so that so that the ground after the pigment particles will not give rise to the phenomenon of flocculation, and a certain degree of protection Fineness.

3. Masterbatch use Notes

(1) masterbatch stored for a period of time after moisture absorption, in particular, PET, ABS, PA, PC, and so on, the color tablets according to the same drying process and achieve the requirements of water.
(2) with color masterbatch together to achieve the required color must be very careful, and often occurs light and color.
(3) and other additives masterbatch reaction will be, used to pay attention.
(4) than the dilution of the masterbatch selection should be noted. Selection of high dilution ratio, the lower the cost of production, but also by the processing equipment.

Scent polyolefin masterbatch

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1. Introduction
Polyolefin masterbatch fragrance is a given polyolefin (PE, PP, etc.) a certain fragrance materials functional masterbatch.

2. the performance characteristics of
1, good temperature
In the normal plastic processing temperatures, used in the evaporation loss perfume and flavor of its role in the destruction of the structure is not clear
2, lasting fragrance

Due to fully consider the essence of the ingredients of sustained-release request, in the formula used in a wide range of help to control the release of the flavor components, and
In the masterbatch in the preparation for a special process.
Usually the polyolefin masterbatch can smell the six months to two years to maintain.

3:the use of

Usage: 1 to 4% (can also be manufactured in accordance with the specific requirements of choice) will be the ratio of masterbatch resin mixed with the raw materials can be used after the uniform.

4:IV Notes
1, with good material should be used as soon as possible, not parking too long.
2, the mother is expected to open as soon as possible after the use of packaging.
3, the packaging not use up all the time after the mother is expected to be fully sealed and packaged.

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