Nano calcium carbonate-filled masterbatch

September 30, 2008 on 10:20 pm | In New Features | 2 Comments chérie prepare tes valises The technology is the use of surface-to-date multi-activation technology, nano calcium carbonate can be dispersed evenly in the compound filled with the mother, the mother is expected to join the plastic, filled with ordinary masterbatch, can effectively increase the rigidity of the material, toughness , Bending strength, and other mechanical properties at the same time improve the stability of the product size, thermal stability, mobility products, as well as printing and a strong degree of clarity.

méridienne rose fushia click Nano calcium carbonate-filled masterbatch can be widely applied to drawing, injection molding, hollow, blown film, packing tape, tubing, and other daily-use products in the field, can also be used in polyethylene, polypropylene, household appliances, automobiles, motorcycles, and other accessories in the field of engineering plastics. Has a broad market prospect.

sind viagra tabletten verschreibungspflichtig here The Company introduced the nano calcium carbonate-filled masterbatch technology into nanometer calcium carbonate-filled polyethylene film technology and nano calcium carbonate-filled polypropylene bags stretching techniques. pil track and trace Nano calcium carbonate-filled performance Masterbatch Technology
Indicators Project
The average size (nm) ≥ 40
Granular appearance
Whiteness> 85
Moisture and volatile matter content (%)
≤ 0.55
Density (g/cm3)
≤ 2.6
Melt flow rate (g/10min)
≥ 2.7
Nano calcium carbonate-filled polyethylene film technology performance
Masterbatch addition of nano calcium carbonate (%)
Tear strength (%)
Increase the tensile strength (%)
Transparency film
Nano calcium carbonate-filled polypropylene bags stretching technical performance
Masterbatch addition of nano calcium carbonate (%)
Increase the tensile strength (%)
Improve the elongation at break (%)
Increase the amount of filler (%)

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