Customers is attention price of product rather than the quality?

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Some customers tend to buy materials for products is the price, not quality. Hear the high price of the products are often Miantan. Low-price products temptation is great to psychology to stimulate the desire to buyers, low-price products to make their products to enhance profits and reduce costs, this does not leave, which can be seen that the manufacturers of all procurement and all Their aspirations, but they do not want to look how low the price from procurement of raw materials could lead to a loss of their products or do things because the products do not meet product quality buyers to return them, this is a great loss.

There may be a long time, buyers do not want on your side from the order because of poor quality, there is no credibility, they just look at some of the immediate interests, rather than long-term interests of long-term cooperation. How can their own money, how to reduce costs, on how to do, so we have to do business with customers, clients would like to think that the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, all customers, allows customers to make a satisfactory product So that we will have more long-term customers.

I often say that the customer is a sentence of up to the price of goods at a market price of the product is very transparent, there is no need to hide, many times the price to the customers reported that they are back too high, saying that in which the procurement price The lower than you, Oh, every time I hear this silent, because I know they say I believe the price – there is – the market is indeed to be able to purchase, they have found the price Or even lower price than this, if they procurement price is even higher than this, they will certainly psychological imbalance, do not want to.

After all, but not the same quality products, low prices they can from their side of the purchase, the more we really do not need to say anything, nor is it round so you have to buy our goods. As we do in this industry, various grades of both masterbatch, and some manufacturers tried every means to reduce costs, but the only way Huyou buyers, do not do business for a long time, serious cause of your products Done after the void, each manufacturer’s prices are not the same as they selected materials they determined the price where the cost, the cost has been put out, no one does not want to do business the sale of a money-losing deal. Other industries are also included, no one would like to reap a profit.

Our principle is to speak with the quality of the product, good customer service, honest and trustworthy, honest business, even if earning less, but you can not do the sale of a money-losing deal, after all, there’s so many people want to eat.

Here I would like to write up in the large-scale supermarkets, shopping centers, some “low-price big sale” of the stalls there will certainly gathered a lot of people, we have a small yield to the temptation of cheap psychology, including me, Ha ha, love To join in the fun side, from now on to write the article, I will be after this kind of psychological gradually eliminated, because almost no good cheap goods, please see the price at the same time do not forget the quality of Biyi Bi. Product quality is the same company’s reputation.

Low-price products can be really attractive, which is now an inevitable social development trends, because the reality is cruel, competition is fierce, I am not going to fall out, you do not drop out, he was always eliminate , That only the fittest will survive, and those who do not die out.

Hint:If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions, the Chinese version shall prevail for all purposes.

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