On Several key issues Black Masterbatches

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Black masterbatch quality of the decision on the following factors: the dispersion degree, covering power, rheology, compatibility, stability, color intensity.

A higher degree of dispersion

Black Masterbatch for the use of carbon black production. Health and carbon black is a very tricky and dirty mixture, which is filled with dust, light weight, was fluffy-like. Unless the use of large-scale treatment measures, otherwise it will smear machines and workers, so that the working environment has become dirty. Because of this, casting resin, generally choose a carrier, which is a black masterbatch to complete the pre-dispersion of carbon black. The resin carrier is clean, free-flowing and easy to use. In addition, the carbon black apart from the dirty, there is a feature that is difficult to dispersion. If the injection molding directly to the health of carbon black, when melted, rendering the outcome will be very poor. There is no dispersion of carbon black stripes and spots, if leaning against the colored regions where less will be marked next to appear. The standard injection molding machine is not an effective carbon black dispersion of Health.

Carbon black dispersion of the performance of this difficult plagued masterbatch manufacturer. Use single or double screw extruder production of high-load black masterbatch dispersion of very poor. When the end-users of these black master batch mixing or die casting, its performance is only marginally better than the carbon black, but the effect was equally unsatisfactory. In order to achieve a stable and high dispersion, it is essential to use a high level of shear Ta River sealing machine to mixed carbon black, such as the FCM or BANBURY mixture. With sufficient strength, these mixers can make carbon black and basic resin completely mixed together. The use of carbon black type also affects the dispersion of. The smaller the particles of carbon black dispersion on the more difficult.

The application of a thin wax is the most emphasis on dispersion of requirements. Poor masterbatch dispersion from the corner of the end product can be easily seen by the naked eye. In addition to the lack of beauty, the film where the poor dispersion of carbon black significantly reduces the wind of the performance of black films. A good dispersion of small particles are the main features of industrial fibers, these fibers used for rope, yarn, carpets, and other industries. Large machines with more than 5,000 meters per minute rate of 30,000 shares at the same time to produce fine fibers. If the masterbatch dispersion bad, we would be cutting the fiber, resulting in production downtime.

Covering force stronger

Decide the quality of black masterbatch The second factor is the covering force, for the use of waste or recycled polymer masterbatch, this factor is particularly important, in these circumstances, the black, is meant to cover the waste in the other color. The shading power of large particle carbon black poor and difficult to cover all the other colors in the lower result, received only a departure from the final product color. In the melting process, the correct first choice with high shading ability of carbon black to cover the capacity of the existing color coverage of the so-called power.

Better mobility

Decide the quality of black masterbatch A third factor is the rheology and mobility. If a masterbatch itself has a good dispersion, but it will not flow into the material to be molded, it is not produced satisfactory results. In general, the grounding for the production of masterbatch resin has a high flow variability. In order to save costs, a number of masterbatch production of commercial re-use of materials, waste or recycled materials as the resin carrier. The flow of such a masterbatch production of the performance will be significantly reduced, if the rheology is not good, mold cycle time and the appearance of trade unions in handling trouble. It is noteworthy that, if the dispersion and rheological behavior is not high, and some end-users will be by increasing the dilution ratio to compensate, but this will only increase the cost of the use of masterbatch. With minimum dilution ratio of the masterbatch can be produced uniform, a good black dispersion.

Compatibility bigger

Compatibility black masterbatch quality of the decision of the fourth factor. If the masterbatch is to use the chips or recycled materials produced, then it may contain contaminants or other non-melting polymer. This will cause some unpredictable and difficult to bound the trouble of wasting time to the final consumer and raw materials. At this time, you can use to produce high-quality rendering resin masterbatch, masterbatch in the melting process have good compatibility. High-quality masterbatch can be used LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, SAN, PA, and other materials to produce. If you have indicated engineering-level and rigorous physical properties, then a special polymer masterbatch could be obtained. Several large international masterbatch producers, are conducting research in an attempt to produce a so-called “global access” masterbatch. The masterbatch can be broad-based and other raw materials capacity, good rheology, can be applied flexibly.

Stability to be consistent with

In today’s globalized economy, international customers of the masterbatch quality, raw materials that require high performance and stability is absolutely necessary, and this is also the decision of the quality of black master batch fifth factor. The stability of a major manifestation is the proportion of stable carbon black. If the percentage of carbon black fluctuations, then the required amount of molten masterbatch is not the same, to produce products that can not be the same color. Ultimately reflected in a number of producers: the dilution of their requirements are usually more than 5-8% difference, depending on the time of manufacture masterbatch manufacturers put the amount of material. Clearly this is unacceptable. Of course, other factors such as liquidity into the melt and the dispersion of the investment should Charging Capacity of each batch is consistent.

Intensity should be clear

Decide the quality of black master batch A final factor is the color intensity. Market, there are various types of carbon black masterbatch can be used for coloring, but the various types of colors and prices are also very different. Large particles than small particles of carbon black carbon black has a lower degree and a different background color. Large granular masterbatch for film production, such as garbage bags, but not for the production of those who pay attention to aesthetic products, such as TV signboards or in need of anti-ultraviolet film or topical areas such as agricultural pipe. For these products, only the use of higher-priced small particles of carbon black. In addition, the low transparency is also a characteristic of small particles of carbon black.

General Classification and application of carbon black

SRF carbon black is generally used that do not require strong coloring power, high coverage or to UV protection, garbage bags production. Colors tend to gray blue, cheap and relatively easy to dispersion, so those who had only equipped with single or double screw extruder of the masterbatch small firms would choose such a carbon black. HAF carbon black particles in the size of half of SRF carbon black particles, but the coloring strength is its two-fold. Brownish-red, its UV protection was stronger than carbon black SRF, and cost less than the P carbon black. It has good coverage ability, can be applied in many ways. P carbon black for UV applications as well as the food industry, was red and blue. JET carbon black has the most satisfactory color shadows, dark, and shiny black. It is the smallest particles, but it is not easy in the dispersion. Only those with a high shear mixer using the JET carbon black manufacturers to obtain the same degree of dispersion. It is also the most expensive ordinary carbon black. Cost comparison shows that more expensive than the cheapest masterbatch masterbatch can be produced economically get better results.

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