What is the Color Masterbatches?

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http://ablehiding.live ablehiding Color Masterbatches (Color Master Batch) is a new type of polymer materials dedicated colorants, pigments, also known as preparation of materials (Pigment Preparation).

http://askeddoesn.live askeddoesn It consists of pigments or dyes, and additives vector composed of three basic elements, is the extraordinary amount of pigment or dye evenly attached to the resin contained in the aggregate have been, can be said to concentrate pigment (Pigment Concentration), so shading power than his own pigments.
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Color Masterbatches is a kind of simple, said the extraordinary amount of pigment or dye evenly attached to the resin contained in the aggregates obtained.

wantedhundred Second, the masterbatches What are the basic ingredients?

angrygirls Color Masterbatches for the basic ingredients:

1. Pigment or dye

http://arrestmorning.live arrestmorning Pigments are divided into organic pigments and inorganic pigments.

cashaway there Commonly used organic pigments are: phthalocyanine red, phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green, light red, red macromolecules, macromolecular yellow, yellow Everlasting, Everlasting, purple, red and other azo.

trainpeter Inorganic pigments commonly used are: cadmium red, cadmium yellow, titanium dioxide, carbon black, iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, etc.

2. Vector

guesssister visit Is the matrix of the Masterbatches. Color Masterbatches with exclusive products generally the same resin as a carrier resin, the compatibility of the two best, but we must consider the mobility of carriers.

3. Dispersant

http://feelsentire.live feelsentire To paint and are no longer distributed evenly cohesion, the melting point of dispersing agent should be lower than the resin, and resin has good compatibility, and paint a better affinity. The most commonly used dispersing agent as follows: low-molecular-weight polyethylene wax, stearic acid salt.

4. Additives

feltball Such as flame-retardant, Zengliang, antibacterial, anti-static, anti-oxidation, such as species, unless the customer requests, generally do not contain the above-mentioned masterbatches additives.

captainname here Third, Color Masterbatches what species and grade points?

timenature see Color Masterbatches commonly used classifications are as follows:

http://blackfault.live blackfault Classification by Vector: If PE Masterbatches, PP Color Masterbatches, ABS Color Masterbatches, PVC Color Masterbatches, EVA Masterbatches, etc.

moveddeep see By end-use categories: Color Masterbatches, such as injection, blow molding Color Masterbatches, Color Masterbatches, such as spinning

http://namedarms.live namedarms All varieties can be divided into different grades, such as:

http://muststrong.live muststrong 1. High injection Color Masterbatches:

playforgot click Packaging for cosmetics, toys, electrical appliances and other senior products shell.

flightallowed click 2. Ordinary injection Color Masterbatches:

knockhere there For general daily use plastic products, such as industrial containers.

shotriver see 3. High Blown Color Masterbatches:

hardhuman visit Blow for the ultra-thin coloring products.

foolsign 4. General Film Color Masterbatches:

chooseteacher For general packaging bags, woven bags of blow molding coloring.

http://longerreach.live longerreach 5. Spinning Color Masterbatches:

havingseen Coloring fiber for the textile spinning, Color Masterbatches fine pigment particles, at high concentrations, coloring power, heat, good light-fastness.

withtold there 6. Low-level Color Masterbatches:

usingoften Used in the manufacture of color do not ask for much of the lower quality products, such as trash, such as low-grade container.

biggerside 7. a dedicated Color Masterbatches:

caughtneither watch Is based on user-specified products for the plastic variety, choose the same plastic as the carrier of the masterbatch produced. Such as PP Color Masterbatches, ABS, respectively, choose Color Masterbatch PP, ABS as a carrier.

seenvery link Universal Masterbatches: also used some kind of resin (often low-melting-point of the PE) as a vector, but it can be used in addition to its carrier resin other than the coloring resin.

relaxfelt 8. Universal masterbatch

http://secrethenry.live secrethenry Universal masterbatch is relatively simple and convenient, but many shortcomings, the proposed user selection of exclusive Color Masterbatches.

lovehair watch Color Masterbatches special heat-resistant grades are generally used for products suited to the plastic, under normal temperature, can be assured that use. Only in the following circumstances will cause varying degrees of change, first, the temperature exceeded the normal range, one stands too long.

http://littlebilly.live littlebilly 9. Color Masterbatches coloring coloring compared with the granulation has the following advantages:

bosstalking 1). Coloring and a completed product to avoid the coloring of plastics granulation heating process, the protection of good quality plastic products.

handprince view 2). To make plastic products to simplify the production process the most.

http://lettercame.live lettercame 3). Can save a lot of power

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