Comparison of pearly-lustre masterbatch with pearly-lustre powder

July 30, 2009 on 6:19 pm | In Tech | No Comments suspectmiss 1. Dispersibility good
Pearl is a pearl powder masterbatch of the additive with a particular special processing and aggregation obtained. Preparation of masterbatch in the process of pearl, pearl powder has been a good pre-dispersed, and thus put an end to plastic in the coloring of the emergence of inequality; At the same time, Pearlescent masterbatch and plastic particles evenly between easy mixing, the use of pearl masterbatch coloring, the color of plastic products also better uniformity. kiddingdoubt 2. Easy to use
Pearlescent color masterbatch as a result of plastic particles with a mixture of performance, and can be used ordinary mixing equipment commonly used, as well as artificial methods of mixing to the mixed, application is very convenient.

jailmakes 3. Contribute to the reduction of chromatic aberration
Pearlescent color masterbatch, in addition to pearl powder, it also contains a carrier and other additives, so the flat plastic masterbatch added to the amount of pearl powder pearl dosage than more, smaller relative error of measurement to help reduce the error when rendering.

mommylooking 4. Good working conditions
Pearlescent color masterbatch using shading, pearl powder and other additives and carriers have been combined and made into granular, measuring and mixing in the processing will not be filled, it will not pollute the environment. feelingbrain Entries and comments feeds. Valid XHTML and CSS. ^Top^

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