Adhesive composition

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ablehiding 1、adhesives: adhesives, also known as, adhesives, surface treatment will be two or more of the adhesive material securely connected together, and have a certain mechanical strength and chemical properties. For example, epoxy resin, a copper oxide phosphate, such as white latex.

askeddoesn 2、solid material (base material): Glue joints decide the main physical and chemical mechanical properties. For example, such as epoxy resin and phenolic resin. onesthem 3、curing agent: wantedhundred a) solidification: liquid adhesive through the physical and chemical methods into the process of solids. Essential physical methods have dissolved, emulsion cohesion melt cooling; chemical method to make polymer adhesive material into a polymer. angrygirls b) curing agent: curing process of the chemical substances used. arrestmorning 4、curing promoters: to promote the curing reaction rate, shorten the reaction time of chemical substances, also known as a catalyst.

cashaway 5、flexibilizer: curing adhesive material can improve the toughness, the main compounds are esters and flexibility. trainpeter 6、packing: to improve the mechanical strength of joints.

guesssister 7、other auxiliary materials: coloring agents, solvents (thinner), and coupling agent, such as antioxidant. feltball Entries and comments feeds. Valid XHTML and CSS. ^Top^

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